Get Involved Issues


  • Jobs & The Economy: Focus on job retention/creation, economic growth & getting government out of the way – allowing Michigan to continue moving forward.
  • Budget for Our Priorities: Invest in Education & Our Children; Improve Roads and Infrastructure; Strengthen Public Safety.
  • Tax Policy: Fight for families to keep more of what they earn; Lower the cost to live and work in Michigan. Support rolling back Income Tax hike passed during the ‘lost decade.’
  • Constituent Service: Focus on Customer Service role of office, Tearing down the Barriers of Bureaucracy.
  • Part-time Legislature: Introduced House Joint Resolution E in 2015 to move Michigan to a Part-time Legislature, similar to a majority of states.
  • Healthcare: Concerned about cost of Obama-care; Would have opposed Medicaid expansion because of future budget burden.
  • Oil and Gas Drilling: As promised I have worked across the aisle to craft legislation (House Bill 4260) to address oil and gas drilling in High Density residential areas through increased setback provisions (moving from 450 feet to 1,000 feet). I do support domestic oil and gas exploration in order to obtain energy independence. We must be mindful to protect owner’s property rights regarding the leasing of minerals below the surface.
  • Protect Life: 100% Pro-Life; Proud to be endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan.