About Mike Results


It has been a true honor to represent my hometown of Rochester Hills in the MI House of Representatives and on the City Council for the past nine years. I am proud of the collective accomplishments and results that we have been able to achieve working together to keep our community moving forward.

Since taking office in January 2015, I am proud of many accomplishments in our state. Some of the highlights include:

  • Supported fiscally sound balanced budgets for Fiscal Year 2016 and 2017 that were passed in June of each legislative year so that school districts and local units of government could plan their budgets with certainty.
  • Increased Per Pupil K-12 funding by $25 in FY2016 and $88 in FY2017 for Rochester Community Schools, an overall increase of $113 per student.
  • Helped to pass a road funding plan for the first time since 1997 that will increase investment in transportation by over $1 billion annually when fully implemented.
  • Michigan’s unemployment rate is now below the national average at 4.8% this year.
  • Have introduced 4 bills that have been into law as Public Acts, with 2 more bills before the Senate and another that passed committee and is on the House floor.

As I left the Rochester Hills City Council in 2014, I was able to point to many results that kept our community moving forward:

  • Rochester Hills focused on Job Retention/Creation with the State’s 2nd lowest unemployment rate.
  • Rochester Hills had a “AAA” Bond Rating because of the cities’ strong fiscal health.
  • Rochester Hills had been able to right size government with a 20% reduction in staff from 2007-2014 and reduced health care costs.
  • Rochester Hills had adopted fiscally conservative, multi-year balanced budgets while maintaining our low tax rate.
  • Rochester Hills had implemented the successful Single Waste Hauler and RecycleBank programs.
  • Rochester Hills had budgeted for our priorities, dedicating money towards Public Safety and Roads.